10 Best DIY Halloween Decorations

10 Best DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween’s coming up fast. Hopefully, you’ve set up some decorations if you’re the type to get extra festive.

But if not, that’s fine. There’s no need to get fancy — some simple DIY Halloween decorations can make your home properly festive without investing too much time and effort.

Try some of these DIY Halloween decorations to make this spooky holiday more fun (and affordable).

1. Paper Bats

What’s Halloween without some batty decorations? Fortunately, you can grab these bat wall decals from Amazon for only a few bucks. Pin a bunch up around each doorway/room entrance to add some spooky Halloween feel.

2. Halloween Bar Cart

Are you having a Halloween party this year? You’ll need an appropriately-themed bar cart to match.

You can get pretty creative here with all sorts of decorations. Mix up some Halloween-themed drinks to add that spooky touch.

3. Pumpkin Vase

While you’re carving jack-o-lanterns, set aside one of your pumpkins as a Halloween-themed vase.

Cut a hole in the top, scoop out all the “guts” and seeds (and roast the seeds if you want, of course), then fill the pumpkin with water. 

4. Googly Eye Wreath

Here’s a spooky take on a Christmas decoration — make a wreath out of googly eyes. Wrap a black feather around a base of styrofoam to create the main part of the wreath. Then, decorate and attach your googly eyes. This is sure to scare a few trick-or-treaters.

5. A Spooky Halloween Console Table

In the same vein as #2, you could deck out your console table with some scary Halloween decorations.

Lots of room for creativity. You could make it simple with a few candles and a candy bowl, or you could go all out and add cobwebs, spiders, fake skulls, or even a faux boiling cauldron below the table.

6. Eerie Place Settings

You spend a good chunk of time every day at the dining room table, so why not add some spookiness factor with Halloween-themed place setting?

Put some small, faux pumpkins, skulls, and other Halloween objects at the center. Add some black and grey plates/bowls and some skeleton cups, and you’ve got yourself a creepy place setting. 

7. Hanging Paper Lanterns

Want to know a fun way to create a haunting atmosphere in your home this Halloween? Create and hang up some paper lanterns. They’ll cast an eerie glow all around your home.

8. Skeleton String Lights

Looking for some Halloween party lighting? Some skeleton-themed string lights might fit the bill. These ones from AODINI come with 20 LED-skeleton lights that flash a variety of colors. Plus, you can bend the flexible arms and legs at numerous angles to create silly poses and add some humor to your Halloween.

9. Outdoor Light-Up Witches

There’s one more place you can add lights…. and that’s outdoors. These light-up witches make the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations, especially if you’re looking to give trick-or-treaters a little scare.

Their heads light up and flicker in the dark, and when they detect sound from someone approaching, they let out a scream. Even from far away, however, they give your home a fittingly-creepy aesthetic.

10. Giant Spiders

Not a huge fan of decorating? Grab a couple of these and just put them on your porch and/or around the house. But if you really want to go wild, buy a giant fake cobweb (or create one yourself), hand it up on a wall outside your home, and attach the spiders to it.

Careful, though… you might not get any trick-or-treaters!

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