20 Dorm Room Storage Hacks

20 Dorm Room Storage Hacks

College can be one of the most rewarding parts of a person’s life, including the experience of living in a dorm room. Hanging out with roommates, suitemates, and other college students can lead to loads of fun and lifelong friendships. But along with most dorm rooms comes a lack of storage, so let’s take a look at some dorm room storage hacks that any student can use. 

1. Over the Door Storage

A classic option for extra storage that is always beneficial is any sort of over-the-door storage. These can hold shoes, bathroom supplies, kitchen utensils, cleaning products, clothing, and so on. You can find inexpensive options online including Amazon’s Simple Houseware Organizer. 

2. Over the Toilet Storage

Just like it sounds, over the toilet shelving allows you to make the most of any small dorm room bathroom and can hold anything from towels to toiletries. The popular model made by Dash can be found on sites like Wayfair. 

3. Bedside Storage

Similar to over-the-door storage, you can find hanging bedside storage options, too. For example, Pottery Barn sells the Recycled Ultimate Bedside Storage solution, which features either five or eight pockets depending on which size you buy. Students normally use these for their phones, magazines, headphones, and other small items. 

4. Bedside Shelf

Various manufacturers also offer bedside shelves, including the BedShelfie, which was inspired by “minimalism and small space living.” These are hand-crafted, do not require any assembly, and can hold around 20 pounds.  

5. Collapsible Hampers

Laundry can be tedious, especially in college if you have to share a laundry room with all of the other students living in the dorms. To make things easier, you can buy a collapsible hamper that can be folded up and stored when it’s not in use, therefore getting it out of your way. 

6. Desk Storage Shelf

If you don’t like a cluttered desk with books, papers, notebooks, school supplies, pictures, and other items, you may want to get a desk storage shelf. DormCo makes a great college cube – dorm desk bookshelf that can help you organize your supplies for easy access. 

7. Shoe Storage

Shoes have been the target of many storage solutions within the past couple of decades because we just seem to own (and need, of course) so many! If you’re looking to stash away your shoes in your dorm room yet still be able to find them right away, a tall cabinet with clear, stackable storage boxes like this one might be right for you. 

8. Over-the-Bed Storage

Another great offering from DormCo is its over-the-bed shelf supreme, which allows you to store various items and it also has hooks on the sides to maximize its usefulness. Products like this make sure you use the space above your bed that is typically wasted. 

9. Storage Mirror

That’s right – a mirror that also lets you store stuff in it. Products such as this one from Costway are both a mirror and a storage cabinet for items such as jewelry, keys, and cosmetics and it even goes behind your door (and out of the way!). 

10. Shower Caddy

Traditional dorm living means you’ll be sharing a shower with other students, making it necessary for you to get a shower caddy. There are countless options available online and in-stores, and some of them are collapsible to save you space. 

11. Fridge Caddy

Another brilliant storage hack for your dorm room is a fridge caddy. These hang off of your mini-fridge and barely take up any room while storing things like condiments, silverware, and snacks. 

12. Underbed Storage

An oldie yet goodie, having an underbed storage system is never a bad idea. You can store just about anything in these aside from food, and a great idea for these is to separate out your clothes for the different seasons. 

13. Cosmetic Storage

Dorm rooms normally have limited bathroom space and virtually no space to apply makeup, so being crafty is required, especially if you use a lot of products. Plenty of makeup storage cabinets are available on the market, such as Sooyee’s makeup organizer with drawers.

14. Drawer Dividers

Have a large drawer but more than one type of item to go in it? No problem. Drawer dividers such as the clear ones from the Container Store can help you have various items in a drawer without getting them mixed up. 

15. Rolling Cart

Investing in a rolling cart such as a utility cart may be a great idea. These allow you to store stuff AND move them around your dorm room if needed. 

16. Storage Cube Seats

Storage cubes that double as seats for yourself and guests are very nifty while also being attractive and comfortable. These may also be referred to as storage ottomans and serve two purposes at once. 

17. Bed Risers with Outlets

Chances are you have a lot of electronics in your dorm room, so using bed risers with outlets and USB ports on them may be an excellent move to save space and store those pesky wires under the bed instead of in your way. 

18. Surge Protectors and Charging Stations

Along the same lines as bed risers with outlets, there are many different surge protectors and charging stations available in all different shapes and sizes, so chances are you can find one that fits your needs and will help you minimize the amount of space wires and cords take up. 

19. Mounted Spice Racks

If you have a full kitchen or even a makeshift one and you like to cook with spices, you may not have a spice rack or room for all of your spices. You can find mounted spice racks like this one that could also hold other items you need to store.  

20. Utility Hooks

If you need some space to put your keys, sweatshirts, backpack, purse, or anything else with a strap, utility hooks may be your best friend. Command makes various sizes of utility hooks (such as this one) that can simply stick on the wall yet still be sturdy enough to hold your items.

Happy storing and welcome to college! 

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