5 Best Places to Get Affordable Furniture

5 Best Places to Get Affordable Furniture

Decorating or redecorating a space in your home can be a new and exciting journey. You may be ready to take on the latest DIY project, trends you’ve seen in home journals, or have a more specific vision already in mind in order to create the perfect space.

But, along with all good intentions, finding the right furniture can be expensive. Luckily, from downloading a few apps to doing a little investigating around your local neighborhood, there are plenty of ways to make sure your home has plenty of seating to relax and entertain, affordably.

Facebook Marketplace

Want to turn your daily scrolling habit on Facebook into time to find the latest deals on furniture? Using your pre-existing account and location, Facebook now has Marketplace. Think of it as an online yard sale at a simple click of a button.

In the Marketplace tab on Facebook, users are able to buy and sell items, including furniture. Everything from unwanted couches, bed frames, to new desks that don’t quite fit someone’s new apartment is up for grabs. Furniture is usually listed and sold for a good price, especially when a seller isn’t afraid to negotiate. The goal after all, is to move it out of their home and into yours.


Another way to be on your phone with purpose when in the market for affordable furniture is to simply download an app! Letgo is one of the fastest-growing apps with millions of active users. With so many individuals online, buyers and sellers can chat to each other locally.

You’d be surprised how many people are looking to get rid of used or unwanted items you previously wouldn’t have thought of, including a coffee table perfect for your living room. With the motto of “live and let go,” the platform creates fast and easy transactions for both parties. There is even a “Free Stuff” section to land the best of all furniture deals.

Thrift Shops

You never know what you are going to find at the local thrift store. Along with piles of clothes ranging from 80’s to the latest styles, the same goes for furniture and homewares. Deeply discounted prices can be found at consignments like the Goodwill, Jubilee, or Community Aid. Those rows of couches and forgotten wingback chairs provide the perfect talking piece, and many are ready for a second chance at life.

If you need some further décor as well, plenty of other adornments can often be found. Use frames, prints, and donated paintings to create a gallery wall to dress up your home.


Considering themselves an online “emporium of style,” Cherish sets themselves apart from the traditional used-furniture apps and websites. They specifically sell antique, vintage, and contemporary home furnishings at most budgets. Cherish is perfect for those not willing to sacrifice personal style for the sake of price.

This way, you get an ideal conversation piece, and Cherish creates a sustainable buying practice, no matter the current trends.


You may have heard location is key when it comes to finding your home, but how about decorating it?

Using your location, the 5Miles app will provide listings from nearby sellers looking for you to make an offer. 5Miles is not specifically a furniture seller, but the platform makes buying and picking up your latest dining table a breeze. 5Miles also puts an emphasis on safety and security through seller ratings while buying from someone new.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Still want to feel like you are on top of the latest home decor? Home design blog and publishing company, Apartment Therapy, has you covered.

Seeing the need for accessible and affordable furniture, Apartment Therapy created the Apartment Therapy Bazaar. Home decorators are now able to buy and sell used designer furnishings. Apartment Therapy Bazaar sells whatever one may need to complete their space. Common finds are bookshelves, tables, and lighting.  Bigger pieces such as couches however, are also on the market, and you will easily recognize the label as somewhere you once thought was out of reach.

Finding new-to-you furniture to make your home the perfect space doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of sustainable and affordable options at your fingertips.

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