5 Best Ways to Store and Organize Your Shoes

5 Best Ways to Store and Organize Your Shoes

Over time, many of us collect a lot of shoes for various purposes. You’ve got nice shoes for special occasions (or work, depending on your job), sneakers for the gym, flip flops for the summer, boots for the snow and rain, and so much more.

Things can quickly get out of hand if you don’t have a good way to store your shoes. They’ll end up lost in a closet or tripping you up every time you try to walk out the door.

There are better ways to store your shoes than this, though. Ways that let you keep them tucked away nice and organized until you actually need to wear them. Here are some ideas.

1. A Simple Shoe Rack

One of the easiest shoe storage methods (that isn’t throwing your shoes on the floor) would be a simple shoe rack, like this one from Simple Trending. It blends in nicely with most decor, and it can fit several pairs of shoes, not to mention other items if you use it in other rooms.

If you’ve got an excessive number of shoes in the house, you can always stack pairs on top of each other. Really make maximum use of your space.

2. An Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

Have a lot of shoes in your household (perhaps you have a family), but need to save as much space as possible?

Over-the-door shoe storage is a simple, space-saving solution. 

Products like this fabric over-the-door shoe storage from KEETDY contain plenty of pouches for everyone to slip their shoes into. No need to get another piece of furniture. Just hang the rack over the inside of a closet door, slip in the shoes, close the door, and they’re tucked away in the dark until they’re needed.

3. Tall Shoe Rack

If your home has more height than width, but you still want a nice-looking shoe rack that also lets you display all your kicks, then this 10-Tier shoe rack from YOUDESURE might be the way to go. With 10 shelves and metal construction, it’s spacious and durable enough to hold up to 50 pairs of shoes without spanning an entire room.

Plus, given the height, the top shelf is a great place to put decorative items, such as potted plants.

Got boots? Not to worry. This piece lets you easily slide out one of the shelves to create more room to fit them.

4. A Shoe and Boot Organized

We couldn’t think of a better way to describe this type of shelf, but essentially, you could get a shoe rack that has several shelves for shoes, but one or two taller shelf areas to fit boots — kind of like this one from Tribesigns. 

With one of these, there’s no need to remove shelves to fit your boots in. 

On the side, you can hand a few pouches to store more shoes, gloves, or any other small items you may need.

Then, on the top, you could place your bags, hats, or decorative items.

It’s quite an attractive piece when all spots are occupied by your shoes and other apparel items.

5. Shoe Storage Boxes

Maybe you need a more modular way to store and show off your shoe collection. With a set of shoe storage boxes like these ones from SEE SPRING, you can tuck your shoes away safely in drawers until you want them.

Since it’s not all one piece, it’s easy to store your shoes in whatever way you want. Maybe you need to maximize space, or perhaps you want to create a cool shoe gallery in your walk-in closet.

Of course, if any of these boxes are left unused, you can always store other items in them.

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