5 Creative Book Storage Options For Small Spaces

5 Creative Book Storage Options For Small Spaces

Few things thrill bookworms more than adding another tome to their bookshelves.

But over time, your large book collection takes up valuable real estate, especially if you live in a small space. 

You can’t just stop buying books, though. So what do you do?

Well, you’ve got to get creative with your book storage. You might have to give up giant wooden bookshelves, but that’s ok. Here are some other options you can use that still look good.

1. Furrino 5-Tier Reversible Bookcase

When you don’t have much horizontal space, you have to make maximum use of your vertical space. You can do that with a tall and narrow bookshelf, such as this one from Furrino. It’s quite simple and fits easily in small spaces, yet offers 5 shelves so you can store a lot of books.

It’s also budget-friendly.

2. Wallniture U-Shaped Floating Wall Mount

Wall-mounted items never fail to help maximize space in small apartments. This Wallniture floating wall mount offers a sturdy place to store several books on your wall without taking up the floor space below it. It makes for a great companion to a desk if you’re creating a small home office space.

3. Itaar Lift-Top Coffee Table

Do you enjoy kicking back on your couch and reading? Consider getting a coffee table with a lift-top that covers extra storage, like this one from Itaar. Keep the coffee table closed at all times for aesthetics — but when it’s time to crack open a book, just lift the top right up and pick one out.

With some creativity, you can also use this lift-top table as a desk and create an office in your small space.

This Itaar table also comes with three open compartments underneath for you to store more stuff, whether that be more books or something else.

4. ACME Hiltons Sectional Sofa

Know what would go well with your lift-top coffee table? A sectional couch… with its own storage space. 

That’s exactly what you get with this sectional sofa from ACME. Just under the chaise is plenty of extra room to store more books without adding bookshelves to your home.

Of course, storage isn’t the only bonus feature this sofa has. You can also convert it into a bed with ease. If you’re a bookworm that often has friends or guests over for the night, then this couch might be right for you.

5. YOUDENOVA Folding Storage Ottoman

Nothing like kick your feet up on a comfy ottoman while you read your favorite book. But what if that ottoman could hold even more books for you? Well, this YOUDENOVA folding ottoman doubles as a storage space. It takes up little room, yet offers space for plenty more books.

Combine it with a storage couch and lift-top table, and you could hide a small library in your living room.

Original source: https://www.simplyss.com/blog/5-creative-book-storage-options-for-small-spaces/