5 Items You Should Keep in Your Storage Unit Instead of Your Basement

5 Items You Should Keep in Your Storage Unit Instead of Your Basement

Basements have many uses, from gyms to party rooms to second living rooms. 

Many homeowners relegate their basement to a storage area, though. Although you can store stuff in your basement, it would make much more sense to store some items in a storage unit.

That way, you can use your basement for other things. With that in mind, here are five items you should keep in your storage unit instead of your basements.

1. Electronics

Basements are notorious for being humid. The last things you’d want to store down there are expensive electronics.

Over time, the damp air can slowly cause moisture to accumulate in your electronic devices and damage them. If you have pricy computers, TVs, or game consoles, those are at risk in a basement.

So instead, opt for a storage unit that will stay warm and dry.

2. Books

Once again, moisture is a grave danger to many of your items — such as books. Many people accumulate books over time and, after reading them, store them away in the basement to keep room for newer books.

But if you leave books in a humid basement, they’ll dampen and possibly grow harmful mold and mildew. If any of those books are valuable to you, it’s a bad idea to do so.

Unless you’re selling or donating those books soon, move them into a climate-controlled storage unit. It’ll stay nice and dry to protect your books.

3. Wood/Upholstered Furniture

Still on the topic of basement humidity, your wooden and upholstered can get damp in the basement, potentially leading to cracks and warping.

Plus, these pieces take up a lot of space if they’re just sitting there for storage reasons. 

So unless the furniture is playing a functional role in your basement layout — maybe your basement is a hangout area — then put it into storage. This is especially important if you have any family heirlooms or other valuable pieces. Don’t want those to get damaged.

4. Rugs

Rugs seem like such natural items for basement storage. After all, they’re built to be walked on. Shouldn’t they be fine?

Unfortunately, even rugs left in basements can face the consequences. They can quickly become a place where pests like bugs and mice gather. Plus, leaving them on the floor allows lots of moisture to creep into the rugs, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew.

Even if you unroll your rugs, they can still trap moisture underneath and grow mold and mildew.

5. Anything With Delicate Fabrics

Remember, basements are not the most friendly places to anything delicate — especially fabrics. This includes clothing, pillowcases, cloth napkins, and more. These can all get dirty and damp, leading to mold and mildew growth. Pests can also cause damage to these items.

It would be a better idea to find a climate-controlled storage unit where you can put away your delicate fabrics.

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