5 Pet Supply Storing Solutions For Your Home

5 Pet Supply Storing Solutions For Your Home

There’s no doubt our furry friends make the best companions, but we could always use some strategic ways to store their supplies. From food to medication, toys, and treats, we love to spoil and care for our pets, which is why we need some storage space for them. Keep reading for some tips on how to store your pet supplies. 

Pet Feeding Station

Perhaps one of the neatest options out there for storing your pet supplies is a pet food storing station such as the one made by Roomfitters. These not only have storage for your dog or cat’s food, but most have a drawer you pull out that has bowls for food and water. These look like a small cabinet and, from the outside, don’t give any indication there is pet food in them. Most of them allow pet owners to put cute decorations such as a candle or picture frames on top to make it look even less like a pet feeding station. 

Pet Bed/Storage-In-One

Pet supplies need storage space and our pets love their beds, so why not combine both? You  can find products that feature both such as the Studio Designs Paws & Purrs Pet Bed with Storage Drawer. These allow your pet to nap on the top, cushioned part while you keep your pets supplies in the built-in drawer. It truly is a win-win. If you purchase one with multiple drawers or cubbies, you can separate out medicine, food, toys, and other supplies however you choose. If you’re a DIY type of person, you could also paint one of these to match the rest of your home’s decor. 

Hook for Leash Storage

Most dogs and some cats love to go for walks, but where should we put their leashes when we’re done? Some people just hang them on the doorknob, but it can be in the way and an eyesore. A better idea might be to get a simple hook or wall hanger to place harnesses and leashes on when you come back inside. You can get creative and design your own, or plenty of Etsy shop owners can customize one for you with your pet’s name or other information plus a special design. Even Lowe’s has a hook with a paw print on it for under $7.00, so these don’t have to be costly.  

Food and Treat Containers

Let’s talk about food and treat storage a bit! Some pet owners leave their pets’ food in the original bag, but these are usually bulky and unattractive. Thankfully, we have many different options when looking to store food and treats. While typical Tupperware-like containers work well, you can also find budget-friendly sets online that come in various sizes and have cute sayings or pet-related photos on them. Many sites will even let you personalize containers to make them more special. You can also get away with the classic glass jars that are simple yet attractive. 

If you need something that you can push back into a closet, something like the IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container might be best for you. This storage container combo, which holds both food and treats and comes with a scoop, has wheels for people needing to move around the food. Options like this come in handy if you want to take the food in and out of a closet or pantry without the hassle of any heavy lifting – simply roll it out and back in!

Toy Bins

Of course, our pets are sometimes like kids and like to leave all of their toys and tennis balls scattered throughout the house. For these circumstances, it is always a good idea to get a toy bin that will neatly contain the toys and make your house less chaotic. While the sound of a toy squeaking under our feet is cute at first, it can get old, so do yourself a favor and get a toy bin for your fur baby. There are countless options online, and while some have wheels and/or lids, a great and inexpensive basic option is the Bone Dry Paw Print toy bin. These come in different sizes and colors, just like many other online options do. Good luck, and happy storing!

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