5 Storage Sofas to Expand Your Living Space

5 Storage Sofas to Expand Your Living Space

Downsizing your living space is becoming more popular across the US. Some people are attempting to embrace minimalism (or some semblance of it) to declutter their space and their mind. 

Others just want to save money.

Yet smaller spaces call for more creative storage solutions. You’ve got to make maximum use of what little space you’ve got — especially if you want your small space to not feel cramped.

Sofas that double as storage do just that. These clever pieces of furniture provide a place to relax and store your stuff without occupying extra space.

If you’re looking to expand your small living space, consider these 5 storage sofas.

1. HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch

This HONBAY sofa is a dream come true for many tiny space enthusiasts. Four seats offer plenty of room, whether you want to spread out or you’re having people over. The cushions are firm enough so you don’t sink in but still provide ample cushioning for relaxation.

But want storage too, and fortunately, this sofa delivers. In fact, it comes with an ottoman with a good amount of storage under the lid. Plus, the sofa has a storage bag on the side for smaller items like remotes (or snacks).

2. Best Choice Products Convertible Futon Sofa

Your sofa doesn’t always need to double as storage. If you live in a studio, then this sofa that doubles as a bed can make your tiny, one-room place feel more spacious.

It’s not the most comfortable looking bed, but it works.

But it gets better. This sofa offers three different reclining settings and it comes with cupholders — so it’s perfect for kicking back with a cold drink in front of the TV.

Best of all, this futon sofa is barely over $200 — quite a steal for such a versatile piece.

3. ACME Hiltons Sectional Sofa

The Best Choice Products sofa’s great if you’re on a budget — perhaps you’re a new college grad living in a tiny NYC apartment.

But if you’ve got a bit more money and space, then you’ll love this ACME sectional sofa. Underneath the chaise is ample storage space. It appears to be intended for pillows/blankets, but you can put nearly anything in there.

The shorter part of the sofa also flips out into a bed. It’s not the pinnacle of luxury, but you could sleep a couple of people on this couch.

4. Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Futon

This futon couch can add a bit of elegance to your small space without sacrificing storage. The bulk of the piece of solid hardwood construction, so it’s built to last. Its 2 wide drawers towards the bottom are a great place to store books, coasters, or even your laptop. 

Plus, this sofa comes with two mini side table extensions on the armrest — perfect for setting down your drink or the remote.

And yes, this futon turns into a bed.

5. DHP Daybed With Storage Drawers

If you want a storage sofa that’s more on the relaxed side of things, then this Daybed by DHP might suit your tastes. Designed for a twin mattress, this daybed looks great against the wall and complements nearly any decor.

As for the storage, it’s got 2 spacious drawers at the bottom. Plenty of space to store your stuff.

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