5 Ways Self-Storage Can Help Grow Your Thrifting Business

5 Ways Self-Storage Can Help Grow Your Thrifting Business

Thrifting is one of the simplest business models to start. All you have to do is buy items at a low price and resell them at a profit. If you have an eye for great value, you’ll do well thrifting.

However, once you get your thrifting business going, you’ll soon find you need more space. 

That’s where a self-storage unit comes in. Self-storage facilities offer a variety of benefits specifically to thrifting entrepreneurs. Here are some of them.

1. Provides A Place to Store Excess Inventory

Once business is booming, you might find yourself with more inventory than you have space for. This is especially true if you’re finding great deals everywhere and scooping up large volumes of inventory.

Yet you don’t want to buy a whole building just to store your extra inventory. Instead, you can grab a self-storage unit at a low price and have a single place to keep all that excess inventory ready to sell.

2. You Can Safely Store More Delicate Items

Perhaps you’re a thrifty entrepreneur specializing in antiques, or maybe furniture (or perhaps antique furniture). These items can be delicate. Any damage can, at best, lower their value. But at worst, it could destroy the item.

A self-storage unit provides excellent protection against most things that could cause damage to your items. Self-storage facilities also offer climate-controlled units if you deal with items that are sensitive to heat or cold.

3. Helps Declutter Your Workspace

Clutter in your workspace makes it physically harder to be more productive (you have to navigate around boxes and stacks of paper), but also more stressed out mentally. Plus, it’s easy to lose small things in all the clutter.

By renting a self-storage unit, you can lock away items you don’t need to use often, such as business documents. As a bonus, a good self-storage facility will have excellent security features that keep sensitive documents and other items safe from thievery or loss.

4. Keeps Expenses Low

As a thrifting business owner, you know the value of keeping your costs as low as possible. Unless you have to expand your actual business operations, the last thing you want to do is pay for an entire building or larger office space.

A self-storage unit offers a low-cost way to store more stuff. That way, you can invest the money you otherwise would’ve spent back into business growth.

Now, some self-storage facilities even offer office space for rent if you do actually need it. If your business gets big enough to warrant more space, you can move it into said office space and be even closer to your inventory.

5. Allows Deliveries

Thrifting online? You’re likely to have lots of deliveries. Thus, you’ll need a place that is willing to take care of those deliveries for you — and you don’t want any of your precious inventory sitting out in the open for someone to take.

Many self-storage facilities like Simply Self Storage accept deliveries for their customers at no extra charge. They can handle the item for you and move it right into your storage unit for maximum convenience.

Original source: https://www.simplyss.com/blog/5-ways-self-storage-can-help-grow-your-thrifting-business/