6 Websites to Help You Find Wall Art For Your Home

6 Websites to Help You Find Wall Art For Your Home

Arranging your furniture and adding some books and sentimental items is a start — but does your home truly feel like home when your walls are empty?

Probably not. 

Art that suits your tastes and interests — art that you enjoy looking at every day — can make your living space feel uniquely yours.

Fortunately, the Internet is filled with sites where you can buy some art to hang on your walls. Use the following sites to find wall art to spice up your home.

1. Amazon

What list of places to buy anything online would be complete without Amazon? Simply running a search for “wall art” brings hundreds of thousands of results. You can find many different pieces of wall art, from prints to decorative masons jars — all at various price points.

2. Etsy

Etsy is one of the top websites for buying crafts and other artsy items. There are tens of thousands of independent artists that make and sell their own art on Etsy. 

You’ll find plenty of both framed and unframed pieces on Etsy. If you need art right away, they have a wide range of instant downloadable pieces that you can print out and hang.

And if you’re ever in search of other handmade crafts, Etsy should be your go-to site.

3. Art.com

Sometimes, you want works from more famous artists, but you don’t have the cash necessary. That’s okay because Art.com has works from plenty of renowned names like Picasso, Rockwell, Van Gogh, Warhol, and more.

You can also browse by subject, color theme, and even room idea. Art.com makes it easy to find the exact right pieces for each part of your home.

4. Society6

Need wall art, but operating on a budget? Don’t worry, because Society6 provides plenty of more affordable pieces. You can filter for wall art on Society6 by artist, style, keyword, and other options. Besides offering framed and unframed pieces, you can get tapestries and home goods off of Society6.

Overall, if you’re looking for a large amount of art, Society6 might be the place to check out.

5. Minted

Minted is well known for offering a selection of photographs and holiday cards. However, you can also find plenty of wall art on the site. They have tons of options in nearly every size. Additionally, Minted offers calendars, coloring books, gift wrapping, and much more.

6. Deviant Art

Deviant Art is widely known as a place where independent artists can express themselves through their work — but they also sell print art on the site. Most of the art tends to err on the surreal side, but you’ll find all kinds of pieces there.

Deviant Art has a ton of other types of art as well if you’re interested.

No More Boring Walls

No matter what your style and tastes are, the Internet has wall art available for you. Whether you want a classic piece from a famed name or you enjoy supporting independent artists in their work, you can easily do so on one of these sites.

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