9 Best Amazon Products to Keep Your Work From Home Desk Clean

9 Best Amazon Products to Keep Your Work From Home Desk Clean

As we all know, many people had to make an abrupt transition from an office work setting to working from home. Part of being successful while working from home is being organized and having a clean desk so you can focus better and be more productive. Let’s take a look at the 10 best Amazon products you can use to keep your work-from-home desk clean. 

  • YOOUSOO 2-Pack Under Desk Drawer Organize

If you’re needing somewhere to stash your pens, cords, or other small items so they are not scattered around your desk and are out of sight when you want them to be, YOOUSOO’s 2-Pack Under Desk Drawer Organizer is a great option. No tools are needed, as the organizers come with adhesive tape that won’t damage your desk. There is a small drawer and a larger one, and both drawers slide nicely while not being too loose and coming out. The normal retail price on Amazon is $18.99, making the organizers affordable. Popular items to put in these organizers include pens, pencils, sticky notes, scissors, glue sticks, and other small and lightweight objects. 

  • KEEGH Paper Organizer Letter Tray

If you have files, folders, mail, and other papers and need somewhere to organize them, KEEGH offers a Paper Organizer Letter Tray that is extremely easy to put together and is made with durable materials such as steel wire mesh, rubber (to prevent the tray from shifting), and steel. The holder can fit any sort of paper, folder, or notebook up to 9.5-inches x 13-inches. The product comes in two options including a 5-tier with a drawer or a 6-tier tower. Both options are priced at $34.99. 

  • Y&ME YM Desktop Printer Stand with Storage Bag

Similar to Outwolf’s product but not quite the same is Y&ME YM’s $35.99  Desktop Printer Stand with Storage Bag. Crafted from iron and wood, this product comes with 2-tiers plus a so-called bag attached to the side of it. As the name suggests, your printer can go on the second tier, but it can also be used for decorations such as photos. The bag attached to the side is great for folders and papers, as it is perfectly sized for them and can get them out of your way. This item can be assembled in just five minutes and can support over 40 pounds of weight. Y&ME YM offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this product. 

  • Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer

Marbrasse engineers understand the struggle of keeping together all of your pens, pencils, markers, scissors, headphones, and so on. To remedy this, they created their Mesh Desk Organizer, which is built with a 360-degree revolving design so the product rotates seamlessly so you can quickly find the office supply you need. The 4-inch-deep pockets are perfect for office and art supplies so you don’t have them scattered all over your desk. While the mesh design of this product is simple, this $22.99 product is genius and can help you keep your desk clean while working from home.

  • PAG Adjustable Desktop Shelf

Some of us have a variety of books we reference while working but lack a way to keep them organized and easy-to-reach on our desks at home. Luckily, PAG created its Adjustable Desktop Shelf that allows users to organize both important books as well as other supplies. Priced at $25.99, this product comes in six different colors and has two parts that are adjustable based on the items you are placing on it. If you have more books and fewer office supplies, it can adjust to accommodate this, and you can also adjust it to accommodate more office supplies and fewer books. This product can easily be assembled with an electric drill but also comes with screws and a small screwdriver. 

  • CCCEO 3-Outlet Desk Clamp Power Strip

A huge complaint some people have when working from home is the number of cords and wires tangled up on their desks. CCCEO made its 3-Outlet Desk Clamp Power Strip to overcome this issue, as it can accommodate three standard plugs and has two USB ports. While most similar items require users to drill holes in the wall or desk, this one has a clamp to attach the power strip to your desk so no screws are necessary. This product comes in lengths of 6-feet ($28.99) or 10-feet ($33.99) and you have the choice of gray, black, or white. You can keep your cords together and not have to fumble around trying to look for certain ones. 

  • EASEPRES 10-Pocket Mesh Wall File Holder

One of the oldest yet best ways to keep your work-from-home desk clean is a wall file holder. EASEPRES’s 10-Pocket Mesh Wall File Holder is one of the best options, as it is simple but extremely useful. Priced at $63.99, this holder is one of the sturdiest ones you’ll find on Amazon and also looks very professional and well-built. Made of mesh metal and finished with a powder coat, this product takes mere minutes to install on the wall and can hold brochures, catalogs, magazines, notebooks, papers, charts, files, and more. This can be placed on the wall behind or to the side of your desk, meaning you have more empty desk space to work with. 

  • Vedett Office Supplies Desk Organizer Caddy

Vedett’s Office Supplies Desk Organizer Caddy has a simple design yet might check all the boxes you need when looking to keep your work-from-home desk clean. For just $27.99, the organizer comes with six compartments in total, including 5 storage pieces and one drawer. Vedett states it can hold up to 72 desk accessories, including push pins, binder clips, paper clips, and more. Another reason this product is great is that there is absolutely no assembly required and can be used directly out of the box. Made from metal wire mesh and finished with a powder coat, this product is sturdy enough to handle your office supplies and also will not wear or fade. 

  • COOLOO Pencil Holder/Cell Phone Stand

COOLOO’s Pencil Holder and Cell Phone Stand is a perfect touch for your work-from-home desk if you’re looking for something useful yet small and cute. Available in eight colors, this organizer is shaped like an elephant and can hold your scissors, pens, pencils, rulers, and more. The front of the product is a holder for a smartphone, which most of us need seeing as we normally just throw our phone somewhere on our desk and then cannot find it when it starts to ring. It can also hold small tablets so you can watch shows and movies, listen to music, and monitor emails while your device is propped up. Happy organizing!

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