Best Home Warranty Companies in 2021

Best Home Warranty Companies in 2021

Sometimes, it seems like some appliance of yours breaks or gives out every other day. Many appliances have their own individual warranties because it wouldn’t be fair to charge you to fix a product that isn’t working correctly.

However, it may be easier for many homeowners to manage one home warranty instead of several individual warranties. 

Home warranties are agreements in which you pay a set premium or fee that either discounts or makes free the cost of repairs on various home appliances and systems.

There are plenty of companies that offer home warranties, but we’ve helped you quicken your search by listing the best home warranty companies of 2021 below.

American Home Shield

American Home Shield is the oldest home warranty company out there, and for good reason. For about $60/month (they only offer monthly), you gain comprehensive coverage for 21 different appliances and systems on the Combo Plan.

That said, American Home Shield says that pricing is ultimately contingent upon your home size.

Alternatively, there is a Systems Plan and an Appliances Plan if you’d only like a warranty for one or the other. Each costs less than the Combo Plan in exchange for the lower level of coverage.

Overall, American Home Shield is a fantastic choice, especially for home appliances.

Landmark Home Warranty

If you live in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, or Texas, Landmark Home Warranty could be an excellent home warranty choice for your needs. 

Landmark offers a Home Systems plan covering only your home’s systems (not appliances) for about $35/month, although pricing varies by a few cents between some states Landmark serves.

If you’d like comprehensive coverage, you can step up to Landmark’s Total Protection Plan for about $55/month (again, exact cost changes by a few cents depending on the state).

Both plans come with services for air conditioning tune-ups, heating tune-ups, pest control, re-key services, and subterranean termite treatment (a rarity among home warranty companies).

Landmark even offers no-fault coverage for your plumbing and electrical systems if they fail because of improper installation, repair, modification, or capacity problems.

AFC Home Club

Unsure exactly what kind of coverage you need? AFC Home Club could be right up your alley, as it includes several plans and some add-ons.

The Systems Plan covers only your home’s systems, of course. The Silver Plan switches things up by ditching your home’s systems for several appliances and your garage door opener.

If you upgrade to the Gold Plan, you get coverage for most of your appliances and systems, with a couple of exclusions.

Step up to the Platinum Plan, and almost everything is covered.

It’s worth noting that AFC Home Club is one of the few home warranty firms that let you hire your own contractors. If you’ve got a plumber, electrician, or someone else you trust, AFC may let you work with them.

AFC offers coverage in every state except for California, Hawaii, Nevada, and South Carolina.

First American Home Warranty

Perhaps you’re looking for a home warranty primarily for monetary reasons — therefore, you want the lowest possible premiums without giving up decent coverage.

For that, First American Home Warranty is a good option, as they offer some of the lowest rates in the industry (as low as $30/month), although exact pricing varies with your household size/type and location.

There are two plans available: the Basic Plan and the Premier Plan.

The Basic Plan covers your essential appliances: your refrigerator, washers, dryers, ovens, cooktops, and so on.

Step up to Premier and First American includes everything in Basic plus your major home systems like heating, plumbing, water heaters, and electrical.

What’s cool about First American is that you can place a service call every day of the year, including on the holidays. They’re available in 36 states and offer further discounts to active duty and former military.

Choice Home Warranty

As you can see, home warranty companies all seem to specialize in doing something exceptionally well.

For Choice, its claims service.

When you file a service request, Choice assigns you 2-3 dedicated account specialists who provide excellent customer service and see things through to the end. 

Choice offers two plans: Basic and Total.

Basic covers a lot but leaves out air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and your laundry washer and dryer. If you step up to Total, those are covered.

On top of their regular plans, Choice offers some less common additional coverage. You can even add on a second refrigerator (such as one you keep in the garage) for a bit extra.

Choice is available in 36 states at the time of writing.

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