How to Organize Your Work From Home Desk

How to Organize Your Work From Home Desk

Many of us have made the transition to working from home during the last few years, and while it is always exciting to try something new, inconveniences certainly arise, including organizational woes. These can be frustrating and cause us to misplace things, discard items we need, or simply just get distracted due to the cluttered areas we call our desks. Thankfully, to remedy this issue, we can use several tips on how to neatly organize our work-from-home desks. 


We cannot stress enough how helpful labels are to most organization tasks. Especially if you have different drawers – both large and small – on your desk, you may want to label each to seamlessly help you find what you’re looking for. Products such as pre-printed labels can be very useful, but if you’d like to customize and print your own, any office supply store will have blank labels with instructions on how to print whatever you want on them (or you can just write).

Label different folders and files as well, just as you would on a computer, so you can quickly find the documents you need. Of course, you can also purchase a label maker to customize them yourself. 

Document Cubbies

If your line of work requires different printed templates or documents that you use often, getting some form of paper cubbies can make a great addition to your work from home desk. Classroom Keepers makes a lot of useful office tools including a 10-page paper storage bin, but you can also find taller ones that you can easily grab certain forms or documents out of. 

Color Coding

You can color code all kinds of things, but color coding is especially useful for files if you have a filing cabinet in your desk drawer. You can purchase folders and files in all kinds of colors, and they aren’t too pricey (e.g., Amazon Basic Hanging Folders). Whether you want to arrange things by day of the week, document template, or varying records, these come in handy as an organizing tool. 

Storage Under Your Desk

If you have some room underneath your desk and need some more storage, some hanging or mounted under-baskets can be extremely helpful to you. Products such as Rebrilliant’s Mesh  Mountable Hanging Desk Storage are easy to install and can hold small items including pencils, pens, post-it notes, and small organizers/planners that are all within reach from your chair.

File Storage on the Side of Your Desk

We’ve all seen file holders on the walls in offices, but did you know these would work just fine for your desk as well? Items such as Samstar’s Hanging Wall File Organizer can actually be mounted to the sides of your desk so they are out of the way yet within reach. These are great for both files and documents, or they can be used for notebooks and other larger items that can clutter our desks.  

Printer Organization

One piece of equipment that can seriously hinder a work-from-home desk’s organization is the printer. Regardless what brand or model your printer is, chances are it takes up quite a bit of space on your desk.

Luckily, you can purchase an inexpensive printer stand that can be installed under your desk and out of view. You will still have your printer at your desk, but it will not clog your desk meaning you have more room for other required supplies.  

Have a Visible To-Do List

Seemingly obvious but oftentimes overlooked, having a to-do list visible at all times is critical to productivity and can help you stay organized. Many people prefer to tack this list to the back of their desks daily, or they have some sort of note tower that they can put reminders up on without having to fumble through a bunch of papers to find their lists. Finding which note organization method works best for you is a critical first step, but once you know that, you can definitely find tools to help. 

Create A Physical Outbox

Finally, depending on what you do for work, you may need to mail out documents or products on a regular basis. Oftentimes, the things we need to take to a shipping facility gather on our desk and impede other things we need. For this reason, it is an awesome idea to get some sort of physical outbox, whether that be a generic storage bin or a large box. When something is ready to ship, simply place it in this box on the floor or another side of the room so it is not cluttering up your desk. 

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