How to Store Your Kid’s Art

How to Store Your Kid’s Art

You can deny that kids love to make art. 

But what do you do with all those drawings of houses, suns, and animals?

Well, you have plenty of storage options, many of which also let you display your kid’s art for family, friends, and guests to see.

Here are some of the best ways to store your kid’s art.

1. On Vertical Surfaces

The refrigerator is a classic place to store drawings your kids are proud of. Just stick a magnet at the top of the drawing, and it’s displayed for all who come through the kitchen to see.

However, you may be able to pin your child’s artwork up on other vertical surfaces in the kitchen or even around the house, too. For example, your child’s bedroom walls are a great place for them to put some of their work.

2. Get an Art Portfolio

If your child is artsier than just drawing, the fridge alone won’t necessarily do for storing and showing off their artwork. An art portfolio may be a better answer.

Simply head to an arts and crafts store to buy an art portfolio, then work together with your child to arrange the pieces in the portfolio in an attractive and logical manner. 

From there, your child can add new pieces as they complete them.

Aside from keeping their artwork in one place, the art portfolio offers a cool, sentimental item for you and your child to look back on once they grow up, too. 

3. Get a Display Frame That Opens

If your child isn’t shy about showing off their artistic accomplishment, you should consider getting a display frame in which you can place pieces of artwork. 

However, not just any display frame will do. Get one that opens up and holds multiple pieces of art, like this one. That display frame in particular can hold up to 50 pieces of art — which should be plenty, even if you have more than one kid.

But even if you need more space, you can simply grab one or two more and place them in other locations around the house. You’ll have three things in one: a place to store your kid’s artwork, a way to show it off to others, and some lovely decorations for whatever room you choose.

4. Use an App

Here’s a creative and space-saving way to put your kids’ art into storage — or if you want to be able to perhaps throw out the physical copy of the artwork at some point — store photos of the art on your phone or even in the cloud.

But your phone’s photos may not be enough. Instead, download an app that lets you snap a photo of it and store it. 

Apps come with all sorts of interesting features. For example, some apps let you order artwork on items like shirts and coffee mugs. Others let you add recordings of your child’s voice. Many even let you invite family members so they, too, can look at your child’s handiwork.

5. A Container

Finally, the least fancy but most utilitarian option for storing your kids’ art would be to buy a large container and store it in there.

This option works well if your kid enjoys making the art but is shy about sharing it (or simply doesn’t care) — especially if you have several kids that do a lot of drawing.

Additionally, a container is a good choice if you’re short on time or energy to find more creative ways to store your kids’ art. You can always come back later when you have more time to arrange it in a nice way.

Still, it never hurts to take care when storing the art in the container. Place each piece in the container gently, and make sure everything’s tidy and neat.

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